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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

L'Extreme Lashes

As a mascara addict I have tried almost every brand under the sun. In my experience it is the shape of the brush that matters more than the formula...but that talk's for another day. I recently went to Salon Thalia in Philadelphia's gorgeous Washington Square and got eyelash extensions applied by their aesthetician Memories. The lashes came in two varieties; natural and extreme, and where said to last 4-6 weeks depending on how gentle you are with them.

I opted for the extreme look, which was really not extreme at all (thank god, I did not want to look like some sort of showgirl 24/7). It took about an hour and a half, and my lashes stayed on about 4 weeks before I started to pull them off (my lashes grow quick). They looked very natural, and Memories was super helpful, along with the rest of the Salon Thalia team. You have to go for an initial consultation which takes about ten minutes so she can assess your lashes and make sure that you are a good candidate for the extensions. The price tag on these babies is a little much at around $300+ depending on if you get natural or extreme, but I have to say I was pleased with my experience and would do it again. They gave me the lash conditioner treatment as well as special mascara and a lash comb. I found myself leaving the house forgetting mascara most days (gasp) and barely noticing a difference. I got the lashes done because I was going to be in a wedding, and they really helped bring my eyes out in photos.

Quick Tips:
-You cannot wet your lashes for 24 hours after application
-No oil based make-up removers EVER
-Use the conditioner daily, it helps reinforce the glue bonds
-Use the mascara they give you, and only put it on the tips
-Do not curl your will crack the glue

Song of the Day: "Meet Me at The Hotel" - MAC

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Dreaming in Couture

I must have been a Parisian socialite in a past life because I love to see gorgeous couture creations and daydream that I have somewhere to wear them. Ellie Saab's one shoulder dress (top, Fall 2009 Couture Collection) is so classy and beautiful. The detail and handwork that went into this is obvious, and the billowy sleeve creates a lovely and sensual shape. The last two pictures from Christian Dior's Fall 2009 Couture Collection are equally sensual with the bits of lingerie peeking out from the deconstructed lines and over the top hats. I adore the elbow length gloves, I wore a pair of leather ones with a vintage fur stole to a Christmas Party this past year and I couldn't help but feel like I belonged in Paris. Dior's collection screamed 40's pin-up, to see more go to and view slide shows of other designer's couture collections for Fall.
Song of the Day: "The Ocean" - Led Zepplin

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Prescription for Perfection

Perscriptives new All Skins Mineral Makeup foundation is 16 hour wear, SPF 10 magic in a bottle. I am so impressed with the coverage and stamina of this lightweight, oil-free formula. It spreads evenly, and a little goes a long way to provide a smooth finish that stays relatively matte all day (depending on your activity). I wore this all day at work and was pleasantly surprised in the mirror at the end of the day; I also suggest Prescriptives magic powder and magic potion. The potion is amazing at waking up around tired, puffy eyes, and serves wonderfully in pictures by breaking up the light as it hits your face for a smooth finish.

Song of the Day: "I will love you" by Fisher

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Oh La La!

Agent Provocateur is one of my favorite go to places for specialty lingerie...gotta keep your man guessing. However, I am a frugal fanny so I keep my eyes peeled for sales because spending more than $50 on mesh is not my scene. Anyway, check out Agent Provocateur's Special Sale going on now, they have some hot swimsuits and super fun body suits. Body suits are perfect for underneath conservative attire...I suggest surprising your man in his office for a little peep show during your lunch break. Go get em girls... ;-)
Song of the Day: "Show Me" By Cover Girls

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Hit the Spot...

I have to be honest, the way to my heart via food is to bring me mexican...I'm a sucker for salsa! Anyway, while walking and talking with my boss the other day, we stopped in Lucky's Mexican Spot on South Street in Philadelphia. I was so excited by the sight and smell of her steak quesadillas I had to order my own chicken ones. They were pretty good, the salsa had a great spice to it without being overwhelming, and they crisped the outside of the tortilla just right. My order was ready in about 5 minutes, and for $7 I got a generous serving with a side of pico de gallo, salsa, and sour cream.

Song of the Day: "La Valse D'amelie" by Yann Tiersen


Paris based German designer Udo Edling caught my eye recently and I'm really enjoying his sleek lines and sexy style. His silhouettes are deconstructed yet tailored and chic at the same time. The gilded knees in the above picture is very unique, I'm going to have to figure out how to implement this into my wardrobe. Check out his website for pictures of his collections; his men's looks are equally desirable with a bad boy in the boardroom vibe. Tres Chic!!

Song of the Day: "You Rock my World" by Michael Jackson, RIP

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Forever Yours

Make Up Forever has become one of my go to brands for performance make-up. I don't need anything drastic, but I expect my products to perform as they say they will without a lot of maintenance. This Parisian line has been knocking out crave worthy products since the 80's and their new HD line is quickly becoming one of my must haves. The translucent HD Microinish powder creates a soft focus effect in the face that camouflages pores and breaks up light as it hits your face to distract from imperfections. Great for a day infront of the camera or anywhere you'll be in a lot of pictures.
Another product to try is their full coverage concealer, it is perfect for serious cover up jobs; the pigments in the formula grab the skin and stay put...its heavy enough to cover up even your latest nights ;-)
SONG OF THE DAY: "Cherish the Day" by Sade

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Line for the Times

I looooove eyeliner and I'm always looking for brands that don't smudge into my crease and mess up my shadow. In my experience, cream liners are better for long wear, but they take more time to apply. I will always be a lover of MAC eyeliner, but even their best pencil liner fades after a while :-(

Anyway, L'oreal's HIP Cream Eyeliner is super longwearing, and there is a nice sheen to their colors which is always nice....I'm an equal opportunity beauty lover, so I don't have anything against drugstore brands if they can get the job done. Thumbs Up to HIP creamliner; shade to try is eggplant- it's a deep purple that keeps you sexy without the clownlook.
Song of the Day: Ayo Technology by Justin Timberlake & 50 Cent

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

80's Purple

Great online store for fun and unique pieces for your wardrobe. As a thrify suburbanite, I frequent online retailers and utilize their sales to get myself cute things that aren't uber marked up, and don't cost me a day trip to get. The prices at this shop linger around $100, but they dip below $50 on occassion...either way it is worth it ;-)

Monday, June 15, 2009

Nicolás Vaudelet - Cibeles Madrid Fashion Week

This designer's 2010 collection excited me a bit...which is a feat considering there is no pink in it!!! However, the shoes are hot, the waists are cinched, there are jewels, baubles, and details galore. Love it!

Song of the Day

Rocket Queen- Guns & Roses

Rocking out to Rocket Queen compliments of my new friend DJ Brooklyn this weekend was a great time! Put it on and turn up the volume...G&R Live from Tokyo Video below!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Love Games

I'm totally on the Lady Gaga train...I love almost all of her songs, and was so excited when I found out that Love Games was her next single. Love Games and Money Honey are my favorite songs, so we'll see which one she does next. However I have to say that I am getting bored with her album, she needs some new songs asap!!! I'm getting gaga-ed out...

Check out her video...everyone loves the disco stick now!

G-Spotting I have strayed from Cosmo over the years due to the redundancy of their content. It seems like it's the same advice and sex tips over and over again, so annoying!!
Anyway, a friend of mine was talking about this article about the G-Spot and I had to look it up and read it for myself. It has great tips on how to explain to your man where it is, and also gives an explanation on what it is, which gives you a better understanding of it and thus allows you to get the most out of it ;-)

Check it out...

Classy Lady

This is one of my all time favorite design/decor is classy, eclectic, and inspiring. I love thier layouts and they always profile the most amazing homes and properties. Their photo spreads are always to die for, I rip my favorites out and keep them in a box to save for when I'm decorating my own home. I love that I can sit down with this magazine and totally escape into a world of awe-inspiring design, color schemes, and architecture...I like to imagine someday I will have a home that will be pimp enough for me to have some Veranda-esque decor!

The Present...Great Book!!

Um...I love this book! It is by Spencer Johnson, M.D. the author of "Who Moved My Cheese", and it's a favorite on my bookshelf. My blackberry is filled with reminders of quotes and life mantras that I find inspiring, and there are quite a few from this book. It is quick, and easy to understand, and even easier to implement into your life. You can seriously turn your life around in eight hours, the power of your thoughts is something that escapes many people...I try to remind myself everyday the influence that my thoughts have on the outcomes of my life.

Crave-Worthy Concealer

Lancome Effacernes Concealer: This concealer has been a staple in my beauty arsenal since 6th grade! As a 25 year old, obviously this product has stood the test of time. The coverage is natural and light, yet it provides decent longwearing coverage of imperfections and dark circles. I use it all around my eyes and as a base for eyeshadow, and it has yet to dissapoint, midday touch ups are seldom, but it's light texture allows for easy touch-ups without any cake-ups.

Avalon Organics

I have been loving their lemon moisturizer, the scent is clean and refreshing...however the moisture is what impresses me most. It absorbs quickly yet manages to last a good eight hours leaving skin soft and healthy!

I try so many products, I get very excited when a moisturizer actually lasts and doesn't give me a headache with a strong smell or take forever to sink in. Love it!!!