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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Line for the Times

I looooove eyeliner and I'm always looking for brands that don't smudge into my crease and mess up my shadow. In my experience, cream liners are better for long wear, but they take more time to apply. I will always be a lover of MAC eyeliner, but even their best pencil liner fades after a while :-(

Anyway, L'oreal's HIP Cream Eyeliner is super longwearing, and there is a nice sheen to their colors which is always nice....I'm an equal opportunity beauty lover, so I don't have anything against drugstore brands if they can get the job done. Thumbs Up to HIP creamliner; shade to try is eggplant- it's a deep purple that keeps you sexy without the clownlook.
Song of the Day: Ayo Technology by Justin Timberlake & 50 Cent

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